Imagine Jazz Promo videos featuring

Rachel Bade-McMurphy & her music 

  • The Midnight Train6:23
  • No More Tears5:54
  • Closing Door sample clips2:32
  • Trouble7:44

CDS Available:  

The Closing Door

released in 2017

1.The Closing Door

2. On & IOn

3. Trouble

4. Horace's Song

5. Underway

6. Leaving You

7. The Uprising 

8. Circles

All songs written or co-written by Rachel Bade-McMurphy

featuring: Brendan McMurphy, Brian Ward, Riley Gray, Josh Simon, Dan Bukvich & Industrial Revelation recorded at WSU studios by David Bjur, mixed by David Miner & mastered by Marc Fechter

The Unspoken

released in 2008

1. The Prodigal Son

2. The Midnight Train

3. Fly

4. Thinking of You

5. If Only

6. Tough Love

7. The Unspoken

8. No More Tears

9. Falling Tower

10. Urban Daydream

11. The River People

All songs written by Rachel Bade-McMurphy or Brendan McMurphy

featuring: Brendan McMurphy, Don Caverly, John Hamar & Randy Halberstadt

recorded & mixed by David Lang

CDs - $10 Each

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